Teens' Guide to College & Career Planning / Edition 11, Peterson's


    College Match, Octameron Press. This short, well organized book helps  student understanding their learning styles and it's implications for the type of college that might be a good fit.

    College Handbook, College Board.  This comprehensive book gives a synopsis of all 2 and 4 year college in the Unites States along with division sports ROTC listings.

    The College Finder, Steven Antonoff.  This book is packed with unusual categories of college characteristics to find that college that might have a mountain bike team, cheerleading as a sport, major, radio station, etc.

    Sports Scholarships College Athletic Programs, Peterson's  Find information on majors and sports/divisions at four year colleges.

    The Best 345 Colleges, Princeton Review.  Colleges were selected for inclusion in this book based on student surveys.  It is packed with useful inside information along with some statistics.

    The Fiske Guide to Colleges, Edward Fiske.  This readable guide has fewer statistics and was complied based on student surveys and interviews with administrators.

    Insider’s Guide to Colleges, The Yale Daily News.  Written and researched by college students, this book provides a relatively unbiased view of college life at selected  4 year colleges.

    Looking Beyond The Ivy League, Loren Pope.  This refreshing look at the college admission process suggests that students focus on finding a college that is right for them rather than one chosen on reputation.

    150 Popular College Majors, The College Board.   What courses do you take as a communications major? How do you prepare for majoring in computer science? What kinds of jobs does a marketing major lead to? This book answers those and just about any other questions you have concerning 150 of the most popular bachelor's degree majors at four-year colleges.

    Letting Go, Coburn Treeger.  Written for parents, this book provides helpful advice as children move on toward college.

    K W Guide to Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities, Marybeth Kravets.   Hundreds of thousands of students with learning disabilities head to college every year. The challenges seem endless. Aside from coping with difficulties in learning, students and their families face the daunting process of seeking out the right school for their specific needs.  This indispensable resource includes:  advice from specialists in the field of learning disabilities; learning disabled program admission requirements and graduation policies; services available to learning disabled on campus.

    College Prowler Series, very popular with the students for inside information on colleges throughout the US.


    College Unranked, Lloyd Thacker, Taking the pressure off of the college application process and questioning the frenzie over ranking schools.

    Colleges That Change Lives, description of 40 lesser known colleges which are producing winners from a range of students.

    Four Year College Admissions Index of Majors and Sports, Wintergreen Orchard House.  Find information on majors and sports offered at four year colleges.


    45 specific career industry books to help you understand the skills, responsibilities and requirements of hundreds of careers.

    The Career Connections for College Education; A Guide to College Majors and Related Career Opportunities, Fred A. Rowe

    The Career Connection for Technical Education: A Guide to Technical Training and Related Career Opportunities, Fred A. Rowe



    The College Board Scholarship Handbook, The College Board.  The Handbook provides information on how to find money for college; including scholarships, internships, and loan programs from private, federal, and state sources.  It includes a CD-ROM with SAT exam preparation materials.

    Hispanic Scholarship Directory, Edward Olmos.  This is a comprehensive guide for Hispanic-American students and international students from Spanish-speaking countries who need help finding college financial aid.  It includes more than 1,000 scholarships.