Talented Arts Program

  • The Bossier Parish Talented Program seeks to screen, identify, and provide services for children who possess unique talent in the visual or performing arts.

    The focus of the program is to provide accelerated curriculum based on the National Standards for Arts Education and the Louisiana Arts Content Standards to students identified as talented in each of the following areas: Visual Arts, Music (Vocal and/or Instrumental), and Theater.

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  • Where are the TAP Headquarters?

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    We are located at 2900 Douglas Drive in Bossier City off Airline Drive.

    Feel free to call us at 318-549-6785.

    Talented Arts Program

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  • How can my child enroll in TAP?

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    A parent/guardian can request their child to be tested for the TAP program.

    Teachers can refer a student to the counselor for testing.

    The individual student can recommend themselves for testing.

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  • What are the divisions of the Program?

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    Talented Art, Talented Music, & Talented Theatre.

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  • How do I know if my child should be in Talented Art?

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    Your child exhibits multiple qualities below:

    -Likes to participate in art activities any time anywhere

    -Incorporates a large number of elements into artwork

    -Arrives at unique solutions to artistic problems

    -Concentrates for long periods of time on art projects

    -Likes to experiment with a variety of materials

    -Tends to select an art activity during free time

    -Is a keen observer --- sees the unusual

    -Produces balance and order in art work

    -Is critical of his or her own work; sets high standards for self

    -Shows an interest in other students’ art work and wants to discuss the work

    -Elaborates on ideas from other people

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  • How do I know if my child should be in Talented Music?

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    Your child exhibits multiple qualities below:

    -Shows a sustained interest in music --- seeks opportunities to hear & create music

    -Perceives fine differences in musical tone (pitch, loudness, timbre, duration)

    -Easily remembers melodies and can produce them accurately

    -Eagerly participates in musical activities

    -Plays a musical instrument or indicates a strong desire to

    -Is sensitive to the rhythm of music; responds to changes in the tempo of music through body movements

    -Is aware of and can identify a variety of sounds heard at a given moment

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  • How do I know if my child should be in Talented Theatre?

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    -Volunteers to participate in classroom plays or skits

    -Easily tells a story or gives an account of some experience

    -Effectively uses gestures and facial expressions to communicate feelings

    -Is adept at role-playing, improvising, acting out situations

    -Can readily identify himself or herself with moods of others

    -Handles body with ease and poise for his or her particular age

    -Creates original plays or makes up plays from stories

    -Commands and holds the attention of a group when speaking

    -Is able to make people laugh, frown, feel tense, etc.

    -Can imitate others – mimic the way people speak, walk, gesture

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