The Bossier Parish School System recognizes the need for a virtual platform for our students.  We have learned that the best virtual programs offer continuous engagement, weekly communication, and required accountability for the teachers, students and parents.  The Bossier Schools Virtual Learning Program has been established to enhance the learning experience for Bossier Parish students who have made the decision and commitment to complete their academic school year through a virtual classroom setting.  This program includes synchronous and asynchronous learning with daily live, virtual classroom lessons taught be certified teachers.

      Bossier Schools Virtual Learning Program is uniquely designed to include/allow:

      • Bossier Parish students remain enrolled in their zoned (home) Bossier Parish school.
      • Rigorous, comprehensive curriculum with rich, engaging content taught by Louisiana State certified Bossier Parish teachers.
      • Continuous parent monitoring through OnCourse.
      • An academic calendar that follows the Bossier Parish School District calendar including holidays and breaks.
      • All virtual students follow the Bossier Schools pacing guide and may have their educational experience supplemented through OnCourse Classroom, Edgenuity, and other Tier I instructional materials.
      • Lessons, assignments, quizzes, projects, and tests are completed in a distance learning environment.
      • Dynamic, live lessons will be taught synchronously each day so the student can participate in a structured lesson and be able to ask questions for clarification.


      Mission Statement

      Bossier Schools Virtual Learning Program seeks to provide an alternative path through a non-traditional approach of individualized, rigorous, standards-based instruction through a distance learning platform to help students achieve content mastery and academic success. 

      Vision Statement

      Bossier Virtual Learning Program will transfer strong teaching practices to a distance learning classroom while providing the academic backdrop and support system needed to help every student achieve his/her fullest potential.


      Bossier Parish Schools 

      Mission Statement

      We EMPOWER All Through...Engagement | Motivation | Purpose | Opportunities | Welcoming | Excellence | Relationships

      Vision Statement

      WIN the Day; Every Student, Every Way


      Bossier Parish Schools Social/Emotional Learning 

      Mission Statement

      Our mission for our students is to develop the social emotional skills of self- awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.

      Vision Statement

      The Bossier Parish School Board is an inclusive, equitable, and safe community committed to cultivating individuals who are compassionate, confident, resilient, and motivated life long learners.