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BPSB to Hold Community Meeting in Benton


Bossier Schools will hold a community meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday, October 23 in the Benton High School Gym regarding the recent arrest of an employee. The meeting will also be streamed live at and can be viewed later for those unable to attend. 

Representatives from The Gingerbread House, Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office, Bossier Schools and a team of child psychologists, counselors and other experts will be there to help guide parents on how to talk with their children about sexual issues outside the home and to offer support services.   

Immediate help from trained professionals is available by calling (318) 773-5146 for anyone struggling with what has occurred.

Bossier Schools is committed to ensure our students and their families receive every form of support the district can provide as we work together through this difficult time. 

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