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When to Stay Home
When to Stay Home
How to Help Your Child Wear a Mask
How to help Your Child Wear a Mask
Quarantine vs. Isolation

Flu Information for Parents and Students


An informational flyer published by the CDC answers many frequently asked questions about the Seasonal Flu.  Some topics include flu symptoms, prevention, and treatment.  Read the latest news here.


  • Children and adults with a fever (100°F) should stay home, especially if the fever came on suddenly and coincided with body aches, sore throat and a cough, the classic flu symptoms. Don’t return to public places, such as work or school, until you have been without a fever for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication.
  • Wash hands frequently and thoroughly.
  • Cover your mouth when coughing.
  • Get the flu vaccine.                
This season a flu vaccine is more important than ever!

Getting a flu vaccine is more important than ever during 2020-2021 to protect yourself, your family and your community from flu. A flu vaccine this season can also help reduce the burden on our healthcare systems responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and save medical resources for care of COVID-19 patients.  Flu vaccination is available at local pharmacies, too!

Health Information

If your child is attending or planning to attend school in Bossier Parish and has a health need, please refer to the following forms so services may be provided.    

See the Bossier Schools Nursing Department website or call (318)549-7250 for additional information or questions.

Top Things to Know About COVID and When to Stay Home
When to stay home
When to Stay Home
  • Children should NOT be sent to school while a household member is in isolation at home for a positive case of COVID. The positive household member is infectious and can transmit COVID up until their 10th day of isolation.

  • After a COVID positive household member spends 10 days in isolation, other household members will then need to begin 14 days of quarantine to allow time for symptoms to appear or not. *If no symptoms present, then on day 5 of the 14 days of quarantine, that symptom-free household member can test, and with a negative test result can return on day 8 of their quarantine (allowing minimally 7 days of quarantine), or if remaining symptom-free throughout can return after 10 days of their quarantine, and for both these timelines of return from quarantine, continue to closely monitor symptoms up to the 14th day and immediately isolate if any symptoms present.  All returning must continue to wear masks upon return, social distance, and hand hygiene, including grades PreK - 2 use of mask until the14 days is completed.

  • If other household members show COVID symptoms during quarantine, they begin 10 days of isolation and are not to go in public or return to school or work until they are symptom-free.

  • A person cannot test out of quarantine, even with a negative COVID test on or after the fifth day of their quarantine result; unless symptom-free.  

  • If you are in direct contact with someone  awaiting test results, those results must be reported within 48 hours and if positive direct contacts will quarantine. (*see above)

  • Following a COVID positive diagnosis and 10 days isolation, repeat testing is not recommended due to the possibility of false positive results.

  • If direct contact is made outside of the home with someone COVID positive, and there is prolonged contact for more than 15 minutes and less than 6-feet of physical distance, quarantining is necessary for 14 days (*see above)