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Cope Students Learn Social Development Skills for Life
Posted 11/16/18

Photo of a girl and boy dancingMinding your P’s and Q’s and following proper etiquette may not sound like a lesson students would look forward to, yet is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year at Cope Middle School.

For a week, seventh graders were immersed in an interdisciplinary unit on etiquette, referred at Cope as Social Development. Topics ranging from flag, cemetery and cell phone etiquette to the art of writing thank you notes, dancing, tipping and proper table etiquette were the focus of mini-lessons throughout the week.

As the grand finale on a Friday, students were able to dress in their finest clothes and display their manners at a luncheon hosted by Cope parents and local businesses, and their dancing skills at a dance held in the school gymnasium.

The Cope Cougars not only had a ball, but they learned a lot, too -- social development skills they will use for a lifetime.