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Starting the New Year Right On Target 
Posted 1/8/20

Clip art of a bullseyeArchery teams throughout Bossier Parish started the new year right on target with the bullseye in their sights. 

The 2020 Archery in Louisiana Schools (ALAS) North Regional Tournament was held Saturday, January 4 in Shreveport and teams and individual archers from Bossier Schools nabbed top rankings. 

This tournament is bullseye only and in the individual category the top five males and females were combined. Here is a look at the rankings: 


Elementary Team

1.  Stockwell Place 2957

2.  Benton Elementary 2906

3.  Kingston 2857


Elementary Individuals

1.  Savannah O'Donohue (Stockwell Place) 293

2.  Abram Coats (Stockwell Place) 283

3.  Shelby Ledet (Stockwell Place) 271

4.  Hallie Moore (Princeton) 267

5.  Bethany Elston (Benton Elementary) 265


Middle Team

1.  Benton Middle 3353

2.  Haughton Middle 3352

3.  Cope Middle 3193


Middle Individuals

1.  Madison Hammersla (Benton MS) 291

2.  Alexys Brown (Haughton MS)  288

3.  Jack Wilwert (Greenacres) 285

4.  Matthew Hollis (Haughton MS) 285 (tie)

4.  Taylor Bourn (Haughton MS) 285 (tie)

5.  Corbin Nash (Benton MS) 284 


High School Team

1.  Benton HS 3322

2.  Haughton HS 3246


High School Individuals

1.  Aidan Haire (Benton) 295

2.  Riley Daniels (Benton) 287

4.  Emma Rutledge (Benton) 284

5.  Ayden Davis (Airline) 282


Once again, our archers put Bossier Schools on the map. Congratulations to each of them. Now, they are shooting for state. That tournament will be held April 4 in Shreveport. Good luck!