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Wacky Wildlife

Thread Waisted Wasp

Ammophila Nigricans is the scientific name of this bug. The adult Thread Waisted Wasp feeds on nectar of flowers but the larva feeds on caterpillars that have been paralyzed by mother. Keep an eye out this summer for these wasp...they could be right under your feet.

~Armadillo Facts~


Armadillo is a term meaning "little armored ones." Armadillo's are the only mammals that have a bony shell. In cold weather the armadillo lines its burrow with leaves and grasses; it does this by carrying the leaves and grass under its belly and hopping on its hind legs. An Armadillo's diet consists of insects, spiders, millipedes, pillbugs, earthworms, and snails. A fun fact about armadillo's is that they can hold their breath for up to six minutes and walk across the bottom of a small stream or for a larger stream they can inflate their bodies and float across.