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Common Formative Assessment
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Professional Learning Communities

AdvancED Accreditation and Its Implication on Bossier Parish Schools

In the spring of 2016, the External Review, a component of AdvancED Performance Accreditation renewed its accreditation for the Bossier Parish Schools.  A series of diagnostic instruments examined the impact of teaching and learning on student performance, the capacity of leadership to effect continuous improvement, and the degree to which our institution optimized its use of available resources to facilitate and support student success.

Two recommendations were made that must be implemented by December 2017:

Improvement Priority 1

Create a plan of action to provide common instructional leadership professional development for administrators in line with other system professional development so that the district vision is consistently shared with school leadership and school professional development aligns with system goals, while still allowing for differentiation for individual school needs. 

Improvement Priority 2

Provide an adult advocacy program which partners each student with an adult mentor as recognized by the BPSD and the External Review Team. 

What Have We Done Since?

Our new Superintendent, Scott Smith, was selected on May 3, 2016 and he went straight to work defining his agenda. One of Mr. Smith's priorities has been to make Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) a district wide priority.

“It’s a way for teachers and administrators to collaborate in order to meet the needs of every student,” he explained. “It allows them to better understand where the students are and where they need to take them academically. It’s something that progresses with the student. It’s not just a one year thing.”

Smith noted that he’s already seen great success with PLCs this past year. 

PLCs have also been implemented with school administrators. Smith said all of this is done to ensure that Bossier Parish students are getting the best education possible.

Bossier Schools are also restructuring their schedules to incorporate an adult advocacy program where each and every student has at least one adult to go to for any reason whatsoever, be it academic or social and emotional. 

2017-2018 PLC/RtI Coaching Workshops

PLC Coaching Academy Session II - Brandon Jones' Presentation