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For EMERGENCIES or clarification call Brandon at extension 7095.

For routine requests and repairs click submit work order button. 

Submit Work Orders

Include in email the exact problem, location, number of items, etc. (For example, depending on how you report a leak- Plumbers, HVAC Technicians, or Roofers may be dispatched).

*Please refer to the Policies and Procedures Manual for more information on Work Orders*

If you are unable to send emails through our website click fix it button.

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Maintenance Forms

Maintenance Department

P.O. Box 2000

1715 Palmetto Road

Benton, LA 71006

Dispatch 318-549-7095

Office 318-549-7091

Fax 318-549-7096

Maintenance Department Contacts
Contact Joey Burroughs  Joey Burroughs (318) 549-7097 Maintenance Foreman
Contact Brandon Cox  Brandon Cox (318) 549-7095 Maintenance Dispatch
Contact Douglas Crooks  Douglas Crooks (318) 294-6578 HVAC
Contact Tim Dupree  Tim Dupree (318) 347-1645 Fire, Safety, & Environmental Compliance Coordinator
Contact Phillip Hartzo  Phillip Hartzo (318) 422-3174 HVAC
Contact Jeff Lechman  Jeff Lechman (318) 549-7094 Maintenance - Office Tech
Contact Neal McMahon  Neal McMahon (318) 426-2808 Locksmith
Contact Curt Moore  Curt Moore (318) 455-0707 Carpentry
Contact John Procell  John Procell (318) 518-1875 HVAC/Electrical Foreman
Contact Randy Rhodes  Randy Rhodes (318) 347-5012 Construction/Warranties
Contact Earl Riley  Earl Riley (318) 286-5295 Carpentry
Contact Stacy Roge  Stacy Roge (318) 549-7093 Supervisor of Maintenance
Contact Johnny Saxton  Johnny Saxton (318) 550-6764 General Maintenance
Contact Bubba Sheffield  Bubba Sheffield (318) 455-1388 Plumber
Contact Tony Weaver  Tony Weaver (318) 272-1035 Electrical
Philosophy of School Maintenance

The MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT is an integral part of the cog of learning in the school system.  The environment in the school building should enhance, not hinder, the learning process.  The maintenance department must be accepted as part of the team of educators.  Every maintenance technician must realize that he or she is part of the team of education and take responsibility for making the learning environment the best it can be.

Policies and Procedures Manual

Please review the Maintenance Policies and Procedures Manual.  Print a copy for you and your staff to have on hand when needed.


Pest Problems