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Benefits of Parent Involvement

When parents get involved in their child’s education, everyone benefits.  Being involved helps:


There are many ways that children benefit when parents participate in their education. 

Studies show that they are more likely to:

  • Perform better on standardized test
  • Get better grades
  • Have good attendance
  • Feel better about themselves and about school
  • Take challenging classes
  • Behave better at school and at home
  • Have good social skills
  • Continue their education after high school


When parents are involved, teachers may:

  • Feel more supported
  • Be more satisfied
  • Communicate and work better with students, parents and families


Parents also get rewards from being involved in their child’s education.

6 Types of Involvement

1. Parenting

2. Communicating

3. Volunteering

4. Learning at Home

5. Decision Making

6. Collaborating with the Community