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About the Gifted Program


The Bossier Parish Gifted Program, sometimes referred to as AIM (Activating Inquisitive Minds), is a special program designed to serve the upper three percent of students from pre-school to grade twelve who have been identified as gifted through evaluation in accordance with the criteria stated in the Pupil Appraisal Handbook (Bulletin 1706) of the State Department of Education. The program is designed to provide learning experiences that will extend and enhance those skills taught by the regular classroom teacher. The curriculum offers stimulating challenges through group/individual projects, creative and critical thinking activities, and leadership opportunities. The elementary gifted program is an enrichment pull-out model which will broaden the parish content curriculum. The middle school gifted program offers a content-based Language Arts curriculum that is a daily part of the regular school program. High school gifted students are offered a choice of programs in which to participate. They may choose dual enrollment at Bossier Parish Community College, the gifted elective class on their high school campus, and/or the Independent Project option. 


  • Parents may call and request their child be tested. 
  • Teachers may refer students for testing. 
  • Community members may recommend a child for testing. 
  • Students may request to be tested.

To refer a child for screening for gifted and/or talented education, contact the School Building Level Committee (SBLC) chairperson for your child’s school. 

   ----------------------------------  ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS   ----------------------------------   


Rene McClure, W.T. Lewis Elementary

Courtney Moak-Stephens, W.T. Lewis Elementary

Jon Richardson, W.T. Lewis Elementary

Penny Asseff, W.T. Lewis Elementary


   ----------------------------------  MIDDLE & HIGH SCHOOLS   ----------------------------------   


Kristin Murphy & Yvonne Barrier, Cope Middle

Kisha Brown, Rusheon Middle

Mona Duncan, Haughton High & Plain Dealing High and Middle

Jessica Jones, Benton Middle

Jana Subius, Haughton Middle

Nick Moore, Benton High

Afton Owens, Airline High

Garth Owens, Greenacres Middle

Kisha Brown, Airline High & Bossier High

Cheryl Kitchings, Parkway High

Nancy Vogler, Benton Middle

Rebekah Gibbs, Elm Grove Middle

Characteristics of Intellectual Gifted Students
  • Uses higher level thinking skills (analysis, syn-thesis, evaluation) 
  • Makes connections other students don’t see 
  • Considers unusual approaches to problem-solving 
  • Has a strong sense of justice 
  • Likes to debate current issues and real life problems 
  • Has a sophisticated sense of humor
  • Understands subtle humor
  • Enjoys plays on words and satire 
  • Demonstrates strong expressive skills
  • Is sensitive to feelings of others
  • Elaborates on ideas
  • Shows skill in drama/art/music/language
  • Is interested in many things
  • Becomes involved in a variety of activities
  • Is motivated to try new things
  • Enjoys a challenge
  • Thinks independently
  • Expresses unique and original opinions