Activating Inquisitive Minds

Gifted Programs

  • “Gifted children and youth are students who demonstrate abilities that give evidence of high performance in academic and intellectual aptitude.” (Louisiana Admin. Code title 28, § 909.)

    AIM (Activating Inquisitive Minds), is a program designed to serve Bossier Parish students identified as gifted through evaluation in accordance with the criteria stated in the Pupil Appraisal Handbook (Bulletin 1706) of the Louisiana State Department of Education. Students may be referred for screening at any time from preschool to grade twelve, and an IEP (Individualized Educational Program) is developed by the gifted teacher, parent, student, and school official yearly for each identified gifted student.

    The AIM gifted program provides standards-based learning experiences to extend and enhance skills taught in the regular classroom. AIM curriculum offers stimulating challenges through group and individual projects, creative and critical thinking activities, classical and cultural literacy exploration, and interest-driven learning.

    Elementary and Middle gifted enrichment is delivered at a Gifted Center one day a week. Students are challenged through project-based critical and creative thinking activities in all core areas and the enrichment incorporates experiences in the arts.

    High school gifted students are offered a choice of enrichment-based experiences during grades 9-12. Students may take one evening or online course per semester at Bossier Parish Community College to explore their interests and/or take the gifted elective class on their high school campus or work with their gifted teacher to develop and present an independent project at least one time during the IEP year.

    Requesting Gifted Screening

    • Parents may call or email the school to request that their child be tested.
    • Teachers may refer students for testing.
    • Community members may recommend a child for testing.
    • Students may request to be tested.

    To refer a child for screening for gifted and/or talented education, contact the School Building Level Committee (SBLC) chairperson for your child’s school.

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