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BIS Wins Big at i3 Art Expo

BIS Tigers racked up awards during the recent i3 Art Expo. With several media to choose from, students had no problem finding a place to plug in and show off their creativity. Check out these winners:

Remi Stephenson - 1st Place (Colis)
Madilyn Sunderland - 1st Place (Ice Cream Cone)
Lillian McCormick - 1st Place (Theater Monologue Competition)
Camryn Grimsley - 1st Place (6th Grade Fiction)
Madison Sepulvado-Glover - 2nd Place (Through the Keyhole)
Madison Sepulvado-Glover - 2nd Place (Chocolate Dipped Strawberry)
Addison Dowling - 2nd Place (Theater Monologue Competition)
Rylie Duncan & Camryn Grimsley - 2nd Place (Theater Scene Competition)
Avery Teutsch - 2nd Place (6th Grade Non-Fiction)
Ian Martin - 2nd Place (6th Grade Poetry)
Landri Liles - 3rd Place (Lollipop)
Davin Stewart - 3rd Place (Sculpture: Anuradylidae)
Aleiyah Akins - 3rd Place (6th Grade Poetry)
Paisly Youngblood - 3rd Place (5th Grade Non-Fiction)

Honarable Mentions include:
Landri Lyles (Through the Keyhole)
Madison Sepulvado-Glover (Dream Bedroom)
Ashley Tovar (Notan Art)
Addalyn Quarles (Dream Bedroom)
Makenzie Rees (The Great Wave)
Julianna Phillips (Watercolor Drip Zentangle)
Thomas McIlwain (Black Bird on a Branch)
Ella Tracy (Love Birds)
Elyssa Ruano (Cupcake)
Elyssa Ruano (Cherry Blossom Lane)
Landry Pontius (Chocolate Glazed Donut)
Abbigayle Burnley (Wavy Cones Op Art)
Raegan Musgrove (Half-Face Self Portrait)
Trinity Smith (Lollipop)

If you would like to own some of this award-winning art work, check out the BIS Artsonia Page. Procedes help the art department keep winning supplies in the hands of these talented artists!

If your child won big at the expo and is not listed above, send that information to to have it added! Pictures would be great too!