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Math Counts!

Congratulations to the following middle school students who represented our school last Saturday at the Gator Games, a math contest at Captain Shreve High School.
6th graders:
Makenzee Janzen
Kenneth Jolley
Michael Lee
Eli Pena
Brailee Vaughan
Xavier Wells-Braggs
7th graders:
Lamarius Adley
Jossalyn Painter
Luka Palmer
James West
8th graders:
Tre’Mane Harris
Alex Lee
Rene Lefebvre
Colton Smith
Our highest-scoring team:
Team “Divide and Conquer” finished 10th place out of 60 teams participating - Tre’Mane Harris and Rene Lefebvre with guest Carson Brookshire - GREAT!!!
Our highest-scoring individuals:
Colton Smith - 14th place out of 165 students, 5th place among those who were not part of the top 3 teams - AWESOME!!!
Second best score on the PDHS team: Rene Lefebvre
Third best score on our team: Tre’Mane Harris
Best 7th grader on our team: James West
The highest score among our 6th graders: Eli Pena
Great job, PD Middle School Mathletes!! We’re very proud of you!!!