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Bossier's School Bus Fleet Among Top in America

They are seen everywhere, getting students to and from school safely and on time, and Bossier Schools’ bus fleet is ranked among the best of the best in the United States. 

The district’s 216 iconic yellow buses criss-cross Bossier Parish every day, running 336 daily routes and racking up over 2.4 million miles each year. As a result of its excellent safety record and efficient operation, School Bus Fleet Management and Maintenance magazine has ranked Bossier Schools Transportation Department among the Top 25 fleets in America.  

In recognition of the importance that bus fleets serve, each year the magazine ranks the nation’s public education system. Bossier Schools garnered the 16th position on the leaderboard. 

It is an especially impressive ranking given the increasing challenges that face school transportation departments, from a shortage of drivers and stagnant funding to operating in a complex regulatory environment and implementing efforts to minimize school transportation’s carbon footprint. Yet, Bossier Schools has long looked for innovative ways to meet these challenges while, at the same time, to improve services for the children and families it serves. 

Congratulations to Bossier Schools’ entire Transportation team for being recognized among the best for operating a safe and cost-effective system while, at the same time, improving services and the long-term health of the district fleet.