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Raley Named Kiwanis Club Teacher of the Year

Lane Raley has been named Teacher of the Year by the Kiwanis Club of Shreveport for the outstanding work he does as the lead Special Education teacher at Elm Grove Middle School. 

Raley has been in education for over 15 years and taught classes ranging from elementary creative arts to middle school English and math. He currently teaches sixth and seventh grade resource math and co-teaches a seventh grade math class. 

As the Kiwanis Club of Shreveport’s Teacher of the Year, Raley will be recognized this summer by the organization and the non-profit of his choice will receive a $100 donation in his name. He is now being considered for the Louisiana-Mississippi-West Tennessee (LMWT) Teacher of the Year Award, which will be announced at a district Kiwanis convention in August. 

Earlier in the school year, Raley was celebrated by Bossier Schools’ SPED department as its February/March outstanding staff member. It was noted that Raley has always expected that every student can succeed despite his/her learning differences. 

“I encourage my students to realize failure is not the final destination and from time to time is necessary in order to truly have a deeper understanding of the concept they are struggling to grasp,” Raley said. “I want my students to build confidence in a multitude of untapped talents they can use once they leave school and venture into the real world by individualizing education as much as possible. These gifts are not always found in a boxed-in classroom, but in an open world waiting to be revealed.” 

Congratulations to Lane Raley, a true world class educator who Bossier Schools is proud to call its own.