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Bossier Elementary Student Stirs Hearts at 9/11 Ceremony

What is a hero? 

Bossier Elementary fourth grader Cardelro Coleman reached deep to answer that question as part of a school assignment. The essay he penned not only impressed his teacher, but Coleman was chosen to recite it at the 22nd Annual 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony held by the City of Bossier City and Keep Bossier Beautiful. 

Here is Cardelro Coleman’s winning essay that drew applause and accolades and had his great-grandmother beaming. Bossier Schools is so proud of him, too! 


What Is a Hero? 

By: Cardelro Coleman

A hero is not like superman or spiderman, but a hero is a regular person like you and I. Not just any normal person, but a person that does whatever it takes to save people and their community. 

For example, police officers are not considered superheroes, they are REAL heroes in the community because they work extremely hard to keep the streets safe from people that are breaking the law. I must also let you know that the people who work for the fire department are heroes too! They rescue people from fires and other emergencies. 

Who can be a better hero than that? Oh, I know, the military people. They go to war to fight and protect the citizens of this great country. They train hard every day. They risk their lives for us just like they did on 9/11. They are the real heroes. 

But, I almost forgot, teachers, doctors, nurses and even myself can be heroes too. I can be a hero at school and in my community by stopping bullying if I see it happening. 

In conclusion, it's not easy to be a hero, but we all can be one if we are willing to accept the courage and stand up for what is right.