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BPSB Elects Jason Rowland as Next Superintendent

In a unanimous show of support, the Bossier Parish School Board has elected Jason Rowland as the next superintendent to lead the district forward.  

Rowland is a 31-year educator who has served for the past four years as Assistant Superintendent of Administration and Personnel at Bossier Schools. He will become the 15th school superintendent in Bossier Parish history following the December 31, 2023 retirement of Mitch Downey, who dedicated 40 years to the school system. 

“We are humbled and honored to serve in this role,” Rowland said after the board voted to elect him Superintendent. “We thank the Board for all of the support not only for the last four years, but for tonight as well. We are thrilled and blessed to be a part of the Bossier Schools family.” 

During an interview before the board, Rowland laid out his goals and vision for Bossier Schools, a few of which include: 

  • Heightening the overall educational experience for students, staff and school communities 

  • Continuing to address and support lower performing schools 

  • Adapting instruction to address the variety of student learning styles 

  • Creating a Teacher Advisory Council to gain greater insight into employee needs 

  • Developing a Long-Range Planning Committee to address growth in Bossier Parish 

  • Expanding the BPSB brand using digital media platforms 

  • Fostering community partnerships 

“The expectations of myself will be elevated which, in turn, will lead to higher expectations for all,” Rowland added. “We have everything in place to go to the next level. Now is our time to rise to the top. We are Bossier Schools!” 

Rowland will take the Oath of Office at the January 18, 2024 meeting of the Bossier Parish School Board.