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EGMS Extends Hand to Terrebonne Parish Schools

It has been just over two months since Hurricane Ida devastated homes, businesses and schools in south Louisiana and the recovery effort has been painfully slow. So, a Bossier school decided to step in to help speed progress at two elementary schools in hard-hit Terrebonne Parish.

Jennie Caplis Chatgnier lives in Terrebonne now, but grew up in Elm Grove. Coming from a family of teachers and knowing the community’s generosity, she decided to reach out to the middle school she attended for assistance.

Principal Michael Pedrotty jumped at the chance to help Upper Little Caillou Elementary and Grand Caillou Elementary, both of which were so badly damaged that the students are temporarily attending schools more than 30 minutes away.  Everything inside was lost.

Thanks to Elm Grove Middle School, the Eagles raised $3,000 by holding a free dress day.

Jennie Caplis Chatgnier/”It’s very overwhelming that in such a short period of time they could do something that’s going to make a very large and powerful impact to a place that, right now, looks a little bit like a third world country,” Chatgnier said. “So, the principals of the two schools that are going to be the recipients of this donation are very humbled and overwhelmed. It makes me very proud to be from here. Very.”  

Pedrotty is now throwing down the gauntlet and challenging other schools to answer the call for help in Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes by putting their own efforts into action.