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Outstanding School Support Personnel Recognized

Sometimes their faces are the first ones you see, while others work quietly behind the scenes to make sure their schools shine. Our support personnel are the backbone of Bossier Schools and three have been chosen as overall winners to represent the district.

The elementary Outstanding School Support Personnel winner for the parish is Terri Finklea, the office clerical aide and face of T.L. Rodes. She does it all, from fielding parent calls and assisting school administration to helping with technology and bookkeeping.

As Principal Stephanie Cockrell attests, “I’m not sure what I would do without Mrs. Terri,” adding Finklea “has a good rapport with our parents, students, administrators and co-workers. She is often called on by many to help and she is always willing and able at a moment’s notice. Her quick wit is one of the things that we love about her. Often there is friendly banter among the office staff; she makes us laugh loudly.” 

Another side of Finklea is her compassion for other people. Last summer, she donated a kidney to a fellow Bossier Parish Schools employee whom she did not know so the woman could live a normal life. 

Maintenance Technician Charles Scott keeps everyone happy at Benton Intermediate School, from administrators and colleagues to students and their parents, and is the Middle School Outstanding School Personnel winner. Not only does he strive to keep the areas of campus he is assigned in exceptional shape, but he takes on tasks outside of his job responsibilities on a daily basis. 

Scott is one of the coaches for the BIS/BMS Golf Team and volunteers countless hours to assist with practices and tournaments. 

“Mr. Charles has communicated that he comes to work each and every day as a maintenance tech ‘for the kids,’” said Principal Jennifer Burris. “He doesn’t do the job for the money, but for the ability to have an impact on the lives of so many boys and girls,” adding “When the kids are happy, the parents are happy and Mr. Charles has that covered!” 

Shannon Furr is the High School Outstanding School Personnel recipient for the district. The front office secretary at Benton High is known in her community as the ‘Face of Benton High School,’ but does so much more. She volunteers at dances, athletic events, Student Council carnivals, Homecoming, graduation and serves as a shoulder to lean on. 

When students are going through a hard time, many will seek out ‘Mrs. Shannon’ to brighten their day. It is also not unusual for Furr to send a candy gram to a new student or buy clothing for a student in need. Most recently, Furr stepped out of her comfort zone following the loss of the school bookkeeper and learned those responsibilities. 

“She has managed to take on this daunting task with a smile on her face every single day, at a time when many of us struggled to get through the day,” said Benton High Assistant Principal Whitney Clark. “Mrs. Furr jumped right into her new role with ease and has done a fantastic job managing the finances at Benton High School.” 

Finklea, Scott and Furr will be recognized at the May 5 Bossier Parish School Board meeting as well as each school’s Outstanding School Support Personnel. Congratulations to them all!