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“Driving Force” at Meadowview Gets Gold Star for the Win

Sharon Hollins loves the littles and has built her life’s work around them. 

Though she began as a Language Therapist, Hollins’ love for the children she served led her to the Alternative Teacher Certification Program in Early Childhood Education at Southern University. Hollins was hooked. 

“I wanted to be a Pre-K teacher and was excited when the opportunity arose,” Hollins explained. “I absolutely loved it and even looped with my kiddos one year to Kindergarten. I get excited when my students call me ‘mom’ or how our classroom magically turns into a community of love. They always show love to everyone, everywhere their little feet take them.” 

Now the lead kindergarten teacher at Meadowview Elementary, Hollins’ devotion to her young charges is unparalleled and the positive attitude she projects is contagious. Just ask her colleagues. 

“Not only does this woman also look like she stepped out of a Vogue magazine every day, she is always smiling and doesn’t leave her class in an enrichment without making sure her kids are sitting where they should. When she walks away, you can tell those littles know what’s expected of them,” said paraprofessional Melissa Bletz. “She is always so full of energy and light! Any child or adult that is lucky enough to be around her will learn from her and walk away a better person.” 

“Ms. Hollins has been a driving force in our kindergarten team,” added Meadowview Instructional Coach Leslie Alexander. “She has taken a new team of teachers and molded them into a strong and successful team. Ms. Hollins’ leadership has fostered a collaborative team who works to push our students to new heights … You will never hear Ms. Hollins complain or say something cannot be done.”

“I love seeing my children go from crying because they say it’s hard in August to practically running the class in October!” Hollins added, “I admit, it was nerve wracking to lead a team with zero experience teaching Kinder. However, I persevered daily with support and encouragement letting them know we’ve got this … Their confidence soared and we now have readers and writers in Kindergarten. I’m proud of us!” 

It is that success, her ability to lead and the heart she has for our youngest students that Hollins is Bossier Schools’ Gold Star winner, the last of the 2021-22 year.  

“I never thought I was being extraordinary or that my colleagues noticed me,” Hollins reflected after being named a Gold Star. “It’s always been a labor of love for me and I do it with TLC.” 

So what does Hollins love most about being a Meadowview Roadrunner? 

“The camaraderie of my colleagues and how we are eager to help one another have a great day.” She added, “I have extreme gratitude for my Meadowview family for nominating me and love and hugs for Kimmie Smith (K-2 Curriculum Supervisor) and her team for guiding me in the right direction this year and Dr. B (Nichole Bourgeois, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum) for always getting the party started EVERY time she walked into our class. I’ve learned a lot and can’t wait to pay it forward next year!” 

Editor’s note: Bossier Schools extends special thanks to Bossier Federal Credit Union for sponsoring the Gold Star program since its inception 10 years ago and recognizing the many unsung heroes working throughout the district who go above and beyond each day for the children we serve. The district is also greatly appreciative to the Bossier Press-Tribune for shining the spotlight on each of these worthy Gold Stars.