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Technology Rock Star Earns Gold Star Status

Some of the nicest compliments come from out of the blue. Take Lora Peachey, who was visiting her daughter, a Bossier Parish educator, over the summer.   

“I watched as she was constructing the master schedule for her school,” Peachey said. “As with any undertaking that complex, she would routinely run into difficulties in making the system work cohesively. When running into one of these situations, no matter the day of the week or time of the day, she would email or text a specific Bossier Parish employee for assistance, which always garnered an almost immediate response.” 

Peachey went on to elaborate about how positive this individual was in her interactions and the expertise she demonstrated, prompting Peachey to ask the name of this priceless employee. It was Mallory Cooper, who works as a systems analyst in Bossier Schools’ technology department. 

“I have never had the opportunity to meet Ms. Cooper, but having worked in a New Mexico school system my entire career, I quickly knew that I needed to let someone in a position of authority know that they have a gem of an employee that needs some special recognition,” Peachey wrote.  

She is not the only one taking notice of Cooper. Calling her a “silent and behind the scenes hero,” Haughton Middle School Counselor Nicole Addison also praised Cooper for helping her navigate tricky technology issues and nominated her for Bossier Schools’  Gold Star employee award.

“Mallory has a way of working through things with you in such a way that, not only is the problem resolved, but you feel good about yourself in the process,” wrote Addison. “In a world that can feed off negativity, we need more Coopers in this world. She is a bright light who shares joy and, dang, does she know her job!” 

Technology was not her first foray into education. Cooper was also a rock star science teacher at Haughton Middle for 10 years, during which time she was named Bossier Parish Middle School Teacher of the Year. She credits her years in the classroom with her growth as a data user and becoming more proficient in data-based decision making, ultimately paving the way for her to move into the technology department. 

“Even though I am no longer based at a school, I am grateful that I can still indirectly support classroom teachers and students,” Cooper said, whose primary responsibility is ensuring compliance with state and federal data reporting requirements, but also works closely with high school counselors to submit transcript data and guides teachers with collecting and analyzing data to facilitate student growth.

“Mallory’s professional background makes her uniquely suited for one of the most important positions in our district; that of systems analyst and data coordinator,” said Stewart Thompson, Director of Technology. “Her background in the classroom shaped her understanding of educational data and how it can be used for the advancement of our district. While her responsibilities are mostly behind the scenes, she has quickly become critical in supporting the data needs at the district and state level, all while providing timely support to our school administrators.” 

“I discovered joy and fulfillment in guiding new educators in this work,” Cooper added. “Each day brings new challenges, or as I like to think of them, puzzles to solve. I feel like I learn a million new things every day, which is a huge plus for me. Dreaming up creative solutions and implementing successful projects makes my job very rewarding.” 

A problem solver, a behind the scenes hero and now Bossier Schools’ first Gold Star recipient of 2023, Mallory Cooper makes people take notice as her fan base only continues to grow.    

Editor’s note: Know an unsung hero who works for Bossier Schools that is deserving of recognition for going above and beyond? Nominate them for the Gold Star award, proudly sponsored by Bossier Federal Credit Union. Just go to and tell what sets them apart.