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Gold Star Is “the Glue” at Waller Elementary

Describing what Kayce Douglas does each day as the school counselor at Waller Elementary is difficult to do because she does so much and it differs each day. One thing is for sure; her efforts to listen, support, encourage and offer chocolate do not go unnoticed by the Wildcat family.  

Calling her “the glue” at Waller, Andi Gugliuzza said “There is never a day that she does not encourage staff and students, making everyone feel loved, accepted and seen. When others are struggling, she doesn’t just listen, she takes action!” 

Julie Frederick could not agree more, adding “From the moment she began working at Waller, it was evident that she had a heart for our students, families and staff. There’s never a time Mrs. Douglas isn’t busy working on something that will benefit the Waller community. Mrs. Douglas has so many different hats she wears throughout the day, but is always the first person to offer a smile, a moment, a piece of chocolate or assistance with any issues that arise or projects that come up.” 

Douglas began her career as a school counselor 14 years ago at Bossier Elementary, where  she was eager to serve. 

“I immediately fell in love with working in a Title I school – so much love and potential to be fostered in every child!” Douglas said. 

Three years ago, her counseling journey led her to Waller where Douglas said it feels like home.

“A lot of people like what they do, but believe me when I say that I really LOVE being a school counselor!” she exclaimed. “There is so much I love about it. I get to help people with a quick word of encouragement and a piece of chocolate, a heartfelt greeting, a smile, a listening ear, or a shoulder to cry on. I love all of those things! But what I love most is that I get to lend a helping hand to people – adults and students – in becoming the best version of themselves. It is incredibly rewarding and something I do not take for granted.” 

Recently, Douglas organized a coat drive called Operation Warm in partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana which provided every student with a new coat to weather the cold months ahead. It was a huge success and the childrens’ smiles were priceless.

“Even I couldn’t have imagined how special it would be for our kids to shop with a volunteer, picking out their favorite color and design from tables stacked full, trying it on for a perfect fit,  then watching as someone writes their name on the tag inside. They were beaming – it was 90 degrees outside and I can count on one hand the number of students that took those coats off that day! Teachers had to crank up the A/C so students could survive in the classrooms. It was a major project, a group effort by so many people, and a huge success. It was worth every minute.” 

“Mrs. Douglas has an incredibly big heart for our students, parents and faculty,” noted Principal Dr. Shaunna Pierrelee. “There is never a time that she is not willing to meet with any student, parent or faculty member when she is needed.”   

“No counselor works harder for their school than Kayce Douglas,” Patricia Shirer noted. 

It is that sentiment that led more than a dozen colleagues to nominate Douglas for Bossier Schools’ Gold Star employee award and teary eyes when she was surprised at a school-wide assembly in her honor.   

“Every day I live by the quote, ‘Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as you ever can,’” Douglas shared. 

She is living up to those words everyday at Waller Elementary.

Editor’s note: Know someone who works for Bossier Schools that is deserving of recognition for going above and beyond? Nominate them for the Gold Star award, proudly sponsored for the 11th year by Bossier Federal Credit Union. Visit to tell what sets them apart and be watching for our next Gold Star surprise.