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Car Line Changes

Dear Parents/Guardians:

We are discontinuing the use of the PikMyKid program due to numerous issues. Going forward, you will need to send a dated note to the teacher or come to the office to complete a form for any transportation changes. This includes any changes already made in the PikMyKid program to occur at a future date.

We have decided to go back to loading one lane of cars for afternoon dismissal.  Please make sure you are in the designated lane for your child’s grade. (see picture) If you have more than one child, get in the lane for the oldest child.   

We will pull up the first FOUR cars in each lane starting with PreK followed by four K cars and four 1st grade cars. (see picture)  Please pay attention to the administrator on duty who is directing the cars.  She will let you know when it is time for you to pull forward.  

The first PreK car will pull to the PreK loading area and stop at the orange cone.  K and 1st grade cars will follow when directed to pull forward by an administrator. 

You may leave once your child is loaded AND the car in front of you has pulled away.  Please stay in the loading lane.  The middle lane needs to stay clear.

The lane by the parking lot will be used for our late buses.  We will have to stop the car line to load these buses as they arrive.  

Thank you for your patience as we move to a new dismissal plan that we hope will speed things up and make it easier on all of us. The new plan will begin Monday afternoon, September 12.

Car Line pic #1

Car Line pic 2