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When students excel on the ACT, it opens doors to increased scholarship funds and exciting college opportunities for them! That is why Bossier Schools has implemented new ACT initiatives and testing arrangements for our high school students this year! At no cost to our families, all 9th graders will take the Pre-ACT and all 10th graders will take the ACT this year. This will provide our students with experience prior to taking the ACT in their junior year, while giving schools and parents information on how we can help our students increase their ACT scores! Each year, all juniors take the ACT as part of state testing and select seniors will take the ACT at school as well. To conduct testing at our school sites, we have assigned ACT and virtual learning days to each grade level on April 9th and 10th. On assigned testing days, students must attend school. On virtual learning days, students will not attend school on campus. Please mark your calendars!