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Assignment Books/Homework Notices:

Teachers in the lower grades send home weekly notices of homework assignments. Students in grades three through five are provided assignment notebooks in which they write their daily homework assignments.

Weekly Folders:

Teachers send home weekly folders with graded work samples, behavior ratings, and Accelerated Reader information.

Progress Notes:

Progress notes that specify student grades are sent home at the midpoint of each nine weeks.

Report Cards:

Report cards are sent home at the end of each nine weeks.

Conferences with Teachers:

Each teacher conducts at least one conference with each student’s parent during the first nine weeks. Other conferences are held throughout the year as needed.

Phone Calls:

Each classroom is equipped with a telephone so that parents can leave messages for teachers during class time and teachers can easily return calls or make needed contacts during their planning periods.

Pupil Progression Plan Letters:

Letters are sent to parents as specified in the parish Pupil Progression Plan to notify them when their child/children are at risk for possible retention or for failing the LEAP test.