What makes a child or youth eligible?

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The Louisiana Migrant Education Program (MEP) has trained professionals to conduct outreach and enroll new students into the program. The criteria are:

  • The child or youth must have moved across state or school district lines within the last 36 months.
  • The child or youth, or his or her spouse, parent, guardian or immediate family member who has made the move must have engaged in qualifying work within the last 36 months.
  • Qualifying work is temporary or seasonal work in agriculture or fishing including, but not limited to:

o   agriculture, fishing, and forestry/logging work

o   vegetable/fruit harvesting and processing (strawberries, sugarcane, rice, corn, sweet potatoes, etc.)

o   fish/shellfish harvesting and processing (shrimp, oysters, crawfish, etc.)

o   food/meat/poultry processing

o   dairy work

  • The child or youth must be younger than 22 years of age and eligible for free public education under State law.

Special needs of migratory children and youth:

Migratory children and youth face unique challenges which may lead to limited academic achievement and opportunities because their families move to follow growing seasons and new work. This movement interrupts a student’s education, sometimes multiple times within the same school year. Migratory youth often drop out of school to work and have limited access to educational and social services.