Opportunities for FREE Tutoring at HHS

Students have two different options for FREE tutoring at Haughton High School.  They are:


  1. Free Online Tutoring (All students)

FREE tutoring services are available to all Bossier Parish students through Venture Educational.  Bossier Parish Schools have partnered with Venture Educational as part of the LDOE's Accelerate Tutoring Strategies.  There is NO criteria for eligibility other than being a Bossier Parish student.  This tutoring is recommended for students who need assistance in Reading, English, and Math.  See the attached flyer for more information or go to www.ventureeducational.com.

  1. Free LEAP Accelerate Tutoring Program (LEAP 2025 testers)

To help students prepare for LEAP 2025 testing and retesting, the district is offering a LEAP Accelerate tutoring program. The program will run after school (2:30 - 3:30 pm),  Monday through Thursday from Nov. 1 – Dec. 3.  See the schedule below.
This program is available to ALL students who will be taking a LEAP 2025 assessment this semester. Students take LEAP 2025 end-of-course assessments in the following courses.

    • Algebra I   (students enrolled in Essentials of Algebra/Algebra I will test in May)
    • Geometry  (students enrolled in Elementary Statistics and Geometry Concepts/Geometry will test in May)
    • English I   (students enrolled in English I Hybrid will test in May)
    • English II
    • Biology
    • US History

Students who are currently enrolled in these courses or have previously taken and failed (scored "unsatisfactory") the LEAP 2025 assessment for one or more of these courses are encouraged to attend.  Students do not need to register for LEAP Accelerate tutoring. They can just report to the assigned location during the scheduled time and sign in with the teacher. All students that are scheduled for required retesting were notified by letter sent home through first block teachers. These letters were also sent to both student and parent email addresses on file with the school.  If you have any questions about testing, please contact Mrs. Stallcup.

LEAP Accelerate Schedule

Free Online Tutoring Flyer

LEAP Accelerate Schedule