Fall LEAP 2025 (End of Course) Testing Schedule

Fall LEAP 2025 testing is scheduled for December 1st - December 13th at Haughton High School.  


All students currently enrolled in English IEnglish IIAlgebra IGeometryBiology, and U.S. History will be participating in LEAP 2025 end-of-course testing according to the following schedule. 


In addition, students who previously received a score of "unsatisfactory" on a LEAP 2025 assessment and are required to retest will be tested according to the schedule below. Students received a letter from the Testing Coordinator notifying them about this testing requirement.


Please make sure that your student(s) are at school and on time each day during this testing period. LEAP 2025 testing is required for graduation and scores will count as final exam grades for these courses. Click here for more information about LEAP 2025 end-of-course testing at HHS.