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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What protective measures will be taken to ensure the health and safety of students and employees?

A: The safety and wellness of students and staff are first and foremost and a guiding principle for reopening our schools. In compliance with the Centers for Disease Control, Louisiana Department of Health and Louisiana Department of Education, Bossier Schools will implement the following enhanced safety protocols: 

  • Hand sanitizer stations to be used by students upon entering bus 
  • Proper handwashing techniques will be emphasized upon arrival, at least every two hours, before and after eating, before and after using outdoor playground equipment and before departure
  • Daily temperature checks for all students and staff 
  • Student and staff health will be assessed throughout the day 
  • Face masks required for all adults and students (3rd grade and above) to the maximum extent possible when social distancing of six-feet cannot be maintained 
  • Static groups maintained for younger students 
  • Limit density of people in school facilities and transportation vehicles no greater than 50% maximum occupancy (during Phase 2) to ensure social distancing
  • Increased cleaning of high-touch surfaces; strict adherence to COVID-19 disinfection protocols and products for both routine and deep cleaning 
  • Students and staff who are sick should stay home regardless of illness 
Q: What are the mask requirements and will children have to wear them all day? 

A: All staff and students in 3rd grade and above will be required to wear face masks in all areas of the school when recommended social distancing cannot be achieved. This includes on the bus, during arrival, dismissal and any other transition within the school building. Face shields do not provide the same level of protection according to the Louisiana Office of Public Health and should not be worn instead of face masks. Exceptions due to health concerns will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Please check with your child’s school for any color specifications.

Q: What happens if someone in my child’s class tests positive for COVID? 

Region 7 Medical Director Dr.Martha Whyte with the Office of Public Health (OPH) will be contacted for specific guidance, as each situation will be determined on an individual basis. 

Please note:

  • Not every student and staff member in a school will need to stay home for 14 days, just those identified as close contacts to a case 

  • A close contact is considered a person who was less than six-feet away from the individual that either tests positive for COVID or is presumptive positive for more than 15 minutes, determined by the OPH contact tracing process

  • Those determined as close contacts in a case will be asked to stay home and monitor symptoms for 14 days

Q: Why can K-5 go daily at 50% in Phase 2 but not grades 6-12? 

The idea of K-5 daily in-person attendance is based on guidance from the Louisiana Department of Education, Louisiana Department of Health and other stakeholders. Elementary school students can maintain static groups of 25, including adults. Transitioning is not required by students, only the teacher. 

Q: What does an A/B schedule look like? 

A: Students in 6th-12th grades will be divided into two groups according to the first letter of their last name. Group A (last name A-K) and Group B (last name L-Z) will attend each day, either virtually or in-person, based on the A/B schedule (see example below). 

*Siblings living in the same residence with different last names will adopt the schedule of the oldest child.


  • Students are expected to engage in classroom activities/discussion daily, whether through virtual participation or in class 

  • Teachers will introduce on-grade level, high quality curriculum daily

  • Student assignments should be posted by the start of the school day

  • Teachers will give further instructions on their first day about how virtual learning will work

  • Grades and attendance requirements will apply 

Sample Two Weeks:

Week 1 Group A (last name A-K)* Group B (last name L-Z)*
Monday Teaching & Learning @ school Teaching & Learning @ home
Tuesday Teaching & Learning @ home Teaching & Learning @ school
Wednesday Teaching & Learning @ school Teaching & Learning @ home
Thursday Teaching & Learning @ home Teaching & Learning @ school
Friday Teaching & Learning @ school Teaching & Learning @ home


Week 2 Group A (last name A-K)* Group B (last name L-Z)*
Monday Teaching & Learning @ school Teaching & Learning @ home
Tuesday Teaching & Learning @ home Teaching & Learning @ school
Wednesday Teaching & Learning @ school Teaching & Learning @ home
Thursday Teaching & Learning @ home Teaching & Learning @ school
Friday Teaching & Learning @ home Teaching & Learning @ school
Q: How does the A/B schedule affect my child who receives Special Education services? 

A: The services your child receives will continue. Elementary age children will attend school daily and middle and high school students in specialty classes will also attend each day.    

The Bossier Evaluation Center believes all students can and must learn at relatively high levels of achievement, including students with disabilities. As a collective team, we are advocates for students with disabilities and we assist in creating a learning environment that promotes high achievement and high expectations.  We are committed to working together to achieve a collective purpose; to work collaboratively with our team members, students, and parents to achieve this shared educational purpose.

During these unprecedented times throughout our state, it is our goal to continue providing all students with disabilities the accommodations and modifications necessary to be successful students within the Bossier Parish School system. All services and programs will continue to be provided to our students either in face-to-face meetings or through the virtual format set forth by Bossier Schools. Our focus will continue to remain student centered and our commitment to creating a positive learning environment for all students with disabilities.

Parents with specific questions about their child’s services can contact: 

Q: Parents are being asked to transport their child to and from school if possible. What if I cannot? 

A: Transportation will continue to be provided for all students eligible outside of the designated walk zone. 

Q: Will meals be provided on days my child is at home learning on the A/B schedule? 

A: Middle and high school students will be provided meals for the days they are not attending classes in person. The method of meal distribution will be determined by each school’s principal and Child Nutrition department.